Reversing Cameras

Reversing Video System

Reversing Video System

Perfect View LCD250

The LCD class - at affordable entry-level prices
Colour system with LED support

Reversing is fun with the PerfectView LCD250 system. This basic package offers amazing value for money: a 5" TFT colour monitor plus an outside camera with LED support and infra-red lighting for excellent night-time visibility.

 Reversing Video System

Reversing Video System

Perfect View LCD710

7" LCD Colour System

The new LCD710 reversing video system redefines value for money propositions. It comes with a large 7" LCD colour monitor and a colour camera with infared LED's and a microphone. The integrated LED's provide good image quality even in the dark.The system switches on automatically as soon as reverse gear is engaged, while it can also be activated manually.


7" Heavy Duty Monitor

PerfectView M59L
HD Camera

HD Camera

PerfectView CAM26C

Colour heavy-duty camera

120° wide-angle lens, with replaceable rockfall protection screen and non-corroding plug connector for use under extreme conditions.

HD Cable 20m

HD Cable 20m

PerfectView RV-120-HD

Heavy-duty system 20 metre cable between camera and monitor

With 5-pole DIN plug and 5-pole all-rubber jack.

Colour universal camera

Colour universal camera

PerfectView CAM27N
  • Real-view or mirrored picture function
  • Sturdy, water-proof aluminium housing with protective steel cap and adjustable anti-dazzle sunshield
  • Water-proof microphone
  • Electronic brightness adjustment
  • LDR controlled IR LEDs
  • Wide-angle lens with large picture angle (120° diagonal)
Colour universal ball camera

Colour universal ball camera

PerfectView RV-30K-F
  • Rain protected microphone.
  • Colour CCD camera (NTSC/PAL).
  • Electronic brightness adjustment.
  • Sturdy, water-proof aluminium housing.
  • Mirrored picture function can be set.
  • Wide-angle lens with large viewing angle (120° diagonal).
  • LDR controlled LEDs for enhanced night-time vision.
Colour cylinder camera (PAL)

Colour cylinder camera (PAL)

PerfectView CAM16C
  • For discrete mounting in bumpers, bus mirrors, etc.
  • Real-view or mirrored picture function.
  • Excellent light sensitivity.
  • Can be fitted with or without mounting bracket.
  • Mountain bracket included in the delivery kit.
  • Wide-angle lens with large viewing
    angle (150° diagonal).

5" LCD colour monitor

PerfectView M49
  • For 12 volt and 24 volt operating voltage.
  • Mirrored picture function optional.
  • Automatic day/night adjustment.
  • Switches on automatically.
  • Anti-dazzle sunshield.
  • 2 camera inputs.
  • Loudspeaker.

7" Monitor for RV-250

PerfectView M71L

The PerfectView M71Lis a 7" LCD monitor, which can be connected to cameras (suchas a rear-view video system) or other video sources (such as TV equipment) and can switch between them

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