7" Heavy Duty Monitor

PerfectView M59L

Space-saving design, perfect for professional use.

  • Mirrored or real-view picture.
  • Infrared remote control.
  • Two camera inputs (PAL/NTSC).
  • Loudspeaker with volume control.
  • For 12 volt and 24 volt operating voltage.
  • Day/night adjustment of picture brightness, automatically or manually.
  • Date and time display (can be switched off).
  • Switches on automatically or by manual operation.
  • Adjustable distance scale (can be switched off).
  • Connection box with additional device to filter out voltage peaks in vehicle supply circuit.

RV-SWITCH-59 Connection box
Dimensions: W15 x H65 x D30 mm
Operating Voltage: 11 to 32 volts DC
Weight: 420 g
2 camera inputs. 1AV output

M59L Monitor - HD
Dimensions W180 x H122 x D110 mm
Operating Voltage 11 to 32 volts DC
Diag.Tube.Dim 7
Resolution 337,000 pixels
Operating Temp -15° C to +60° C
Vibration Resistance 5 g
Warranty 1 year
Other Scope of delivery:
M59L monitor, connection box, remote control, mounting bracket and installation fittings
Compatible With RV-100SPK Spiral Set for Trailers - HD
RV-100DOSE/M System Connection - HD
RV-100DOSE/F System Connection - HD
CAM26C Camera - HD
RV-120-HD 20 m System Cable - HD
RV-405-HD 5 m Extension Cable - HD
RV-410-HD 10 m Extension Cable - HD
RV-415-HD 15 m Extension Cable - HD
RV-SWITCH-SV Swtichbox
CAM30C Optional Camera
CAM 16 Optional Camera