Reversing Video System

Reversing Video System

Perfect View LCD250

The LCD class - at affordable entry-level prices
Colour system with LED support

Reversing is fun with the PerfectView LCD250 system. This basic package offers amazing value for money: a 5" TFT colour monitor plus an outside camera with LED support and infra-red lighting for excellent night-time visibility.

The system switches on automatically when reverse gear is engaged, but it can also be activated manually. The camera has an integrated microphone, which can be used to give instructions to the driver from the outside – audible to the driver via the monitor’s loudspeaker.

An additional video input is available for connection of a DVD player for example. PerfectView LCD250 is easy to install, the flat LCD monitor takes up very little space.

Fitted in a jiffy – no bothersome cable laying!
The most common way to connect a camera to a monitor is to lay several metres of cable through the vehicle interior. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, this can be quite a job.

WAECO offers a fast and simple alternative: the PerfectView RV-FM-10 radio module. It works perfectly with the PerfectView LCD250 reversing video system.

The radio module is supplied with power via the monitor or the reversing light. Its excellent transmission performance ensures impeccable picture and sound quality in virtually all situations. Should interference occur, simply readjust the antenna.

BACK VIEW reversing video system RV-250/LCD
Monitor RV-49/LCD

  • Switches on automatically.
  • Automatic day/night adjustment.
  • Reversed or real view picture.
  • 235,000 pixels.
  • 2 camera inputs.
  • Anti-dazzle sunshield.
  • Loudspeaker.

Camera RV-27/N

  • Colour camera with LED.
  • Weather-proof aluminium housing.
  • Electronic brightness adjustment
    (AGC automatic gain control).
  • Integrated microphone.
LCD250 Monitor & Camera
Monitor Monitor RV-49/LCD
Dimensions W144 x H110 x D70 mm (with mount)
Operating Voltage 10 to 32 volts
Diag.Tube.Dim 5
Resolution 235,000 pixels
Operating Temp -10°C to +60°C
Vibration Resistance 4 g
Camera Camera RV-27/N
Dimensions W92 x H68 x D89 mm
Pic Sensor 1/4 CCD sensor
Lenses 120° aperture angle, diagonal
Hor.Viewing Angle approx. 90°
Vert.Viewing Angle approx. 70°
Resolution 270,000 pixels
Operating Temp -20°C to +65°C
Vibration Resistance 8 g
Warranty 1 year parts and labour
Other Scope of delivery
5" colour monitor, 20 m connection cable from monitor to camera, camera with aluminium housing, installation fittings for all components, set of cables for monitor, anti-dazzle sunshield.

RV-27/N Additional colour camera with LED